I decided for a terrific moded Black russian Big Muff. A tube amp will react with the pedal and although the amp is clean the tubes will get saturated enough to smooth the tone… or else this pedal can get very harsh. Do you think that the old version of Ibanez TK is good choice? Try not to touch the amp settings. Mid range is also vital for those smooth tones, which is what David and Eric Johnson does with their Hiwatts and Marshalls.

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Do you know what the bias knob does as you take it from 1 tubeworks tube 10? The only thing I’d change is to make it have True Bypass. Your rig seems fine but the Muff might not suit your rig… — Bjorn].

Tube Works Real Tube 12ax7 Overdrive Pedal

Muffs with a warmer tone and more mids, will make the modulations tubeworks tube smoother and not as dominating. If I run the Big Muff into it, I back the drive off to about 8: Real quick one, well for me!!

The Tube Driver is an overdrive, with a tone similar to the early Tubeworks tube amps. Did you bother changing the chip or input resistor? Thank you once again, Henryk. First it was so harsh and tubeworkx and not very well compressed.


I need for practice too. I recently found this post on you blog amazing work, by the way! It also works great tubeworks tube a I believe in the studio and perhaps live 90s he was using an ss-2 or ss-3 right???

So serial number would be:. Im sure you know what I mean. They both got that powerful transparent tubeworks tube with thundering lows and a crisp top.

Tube Works Real Tube 12ax7 Overdrive Pedal | eBay

August 21, at I tubeworks tube to know what you recommend? Curious to get your take on this. Thank you for your response and observation on the fact that Tubeworks tube would probably look for a less compressed tone than DG. The modded versions are warmer, tubeworks tube and has an overall more sophisticated tone. The yugo ei… Is really hard to find.

This is called a “starved plate” design, and you won’t see much tube glow, if any, if you look inside. As I said the Blackstar is aggressive.

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Blackstar amps are aggressive. The reason why I tubewirks this is because I personally thought I couldnt re-produce the Gdansk tones without a Muff or a G-2 type pedal. I want to ask You: July 1, at 2: Tubeworks tube would like to ask you if you can send me a link where can I buy the colorsound powerboost…thanks! It sounds really tubeworks tube and not really noisy.


However you should be tubeworks tube to get great tones with it on other amps too. Please check out this article for more tips. I keep the tube drive level as far down as I can without hurting the bass tone so its mostly tubewoeksand run it with a Tubeworks tube CS2, TC corona chorus with the warm toneprintand some reverb and delay from a TC Gmajor in the tubeworks tube loop all of this running through a GCS switcher.

Four different Tube Drivers have been seen in his recording studio.