No blank media present. But if you use lower quality media, then this firmware is a must. Here it is the other way round. Also appears to be in the burner firmware, same symptoms under different programs for -R burns. It’s a two sheep burner this just means it can copy complex data patterns, for more information I’d suggest going to this site:

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Somehow a good even if not cheap experience I know in the meantime very bad stories about useless DVDs with very important data – in those cases family videos. By clicking on the image below you can see a larger, more detailed picture It still does not sohw 1693s.

I’ll repost if a firmware update fixes it, but have 0B on already xohw doubt it’ll happen soon. I cannot pinpoint if it is the sohw 1693s quality of the media sohw 1693s just the mood of the writer. What “drives” me crazy is that the drive thinks about the speed it should use – this is a special feature.

But sohw 1693s least the drive looks different. I guess the 15 percent is a good number. So I mounted it in an external USB2 drive enclosure – it works.

After more intensive sohw 1693s of this drive I was ready to lower my score to 6. So far a solid drive, with great quality and lots of tools available for customizing. Basically it does not sohw 1693s well cheap, but common, CMC media when using Lite-on official firmware.


The firmware update does not help and the Liteon sohw 1693s here at my location was more expensive then the BenQ We opened the drive case to take a closer look at the inner workings of the drive. Rated this writer No rating. I do not have to burn a new DVD or 2 sojw my case if anything changed. There isn’t any easy way to safely clean those dust out and Lite-On didn’t block the air flow from those ports.

News Around The Web. D01 comments, 1 good0 mixed0 poor. The reading speed and the reading quality of CDs sohw 1693s a serious problem.

Comments posted by ofbarea from Costa Rica, November 08, This sohw 1693s replaced a NEC that failed on me.


What would be a nightmare since a have a lot of captured videos… And I like to sohw 1693s my computer as DVD player – it has hardware decoding and remote control. I guess the sohw 1693s thinks it has to read a VCD for showing the movie.

I finally decided to test DL burning capabilities of drive. Go the LiteonIT website sohw 1693s upgrade to the latest firmware. This makes it different to many other drives. S11 comments, 0 good1 mixed0 poor. A further difference is that at the Thinkpad drive there is absolutely no noise sogw sohw 1693s I replaced the IBM hard disk by a better one – it was faulty anyway.


How to wohw anything on your screen using th There are companies that do a good sohw 1693s out there – without changing the product name so often – for whatever reason. All these of course also apply to the black bezel.

Lite-On SOHWS DVD Writer – VideoHelp

This xohw at this drive like a vacuum cleaner – you will not stand this very loud noice long. An overall improvement has been made to this latest drives mechanism. But my old Thinkpad drive reads them without any problems – it was always my quality check… Does the audio plug work at sohw 1693s drive?

I find quality leaves a bit to be desired sohw 1693s all types of media. I can somehow see the philosophy of this company.