Added support for streaming games at 4k resolution through Steam Big Picture. We’ve improved upload robustness while uploading multiple files at the same time. Added ability to record microphone and system sound to two different audio tracks. Andromeda and Microsoft Outlook. Fixed a bug that prevented saving ShadowPlay Highlights to another hard drive.

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Added ability to see viewers comments while broadcasting to Facebook.

Addressed various stability and nvidia geforce experience issues. Highlights is now included in the latest game updates for Call of Duty: Removed User Account Control prompt during self-update for admin users. Fixed issue where in-game overlay notification appears in Microsoft Visual Studio.

Added ability to record microphone and system sound to two different audio tracks. Various stability, security, and performance improvements.

Addressed various stability, performance and security improvements. Fixed an issue where Highlights did not work. Fixed issue where ShadowPlay did not work even though the PC met system requirements. Andromeda and Microsoft Outlook.

Improved GameStream connectivity and reliability. Fixed an nvidia geforce experience in multi-monitor configurations where video would be recorded on the primary monitor in the expedience of second monitor. Improved video improvement around video stuttering during GameStream.


nvidix Improved file cleanup of downloaded GeForce Experience installation files. Fixed an issue with Sniper Elite 4 where mouse got stuck if In Game Overlay was brought up and game was running in window mode.

Fixed controller support for Nvidia geforce experience 2 in GameStream.

GeForce Experience

Fixed an issue where In Game Overlay would disappear nvidia geforce experience minimizing games a few times. Fixed an issue where In-Game Overlay slide-in notification would pop up for some desktop applications like Oculus Home. Nvidia geforce experience video stutter by nvidia geforce experience monitor refresh rates of client and server. Updated to the latest version of 7z. Improved stability and reliability of GeForce Experience overlay – also addresses bugs associated with Mass Effect: Fixed case where in-game overlay would not be brought up if Instant Replay was on and game resolution was changed.

Added ability to independently control volume of microphone and system sounds. For Photo Mode, we’re giving you the option to hide the menu by pressing [Insert] – so you can record your fly-throughs of your favorite Ansel game.


Fixed bug to install GeForce Experience with a non-admin Windows user account. The New Colossus minimize when the in-game overlay is invoked. Fixed an issue where In-Game Overlay stops working after minimizing the game. Fixed DNF game performance drop with in-game overlay enabled requires driver Fixed issue where editing ShadowPlay Highlights video resulted in out-of-sync audio.

Added ability to broadcast to Facebook groups. Fixed a bug where ShadowPlay Highlights videos are overwritten without user consent.

What’s New

Fixed a bug where ShadowPlay Highlights saves 3 seconds of video. Echoes of an Elusive Age. Nvidia geforce experience beautiful game photos with our improved Ansel Photo Mode beta feature.