To install a new WBF compliant device and the corresponding software, connect the PC to the internet such that Windows Update can work. The Upek Eikon is an excellent choice for home users who are tired of keeping up with passwords. With Windows 7, Microsoft introduced the opportunity to directly logon to the PC by fingerprint. The Eikon family of USB fingerprint readers provide quick and reliable biometric authentication by leveraging UPEK’s proven technology, from swipe sensors found in millions of laptops to government certified touch sensors. We tried fooling the Upek Eikon with fingerprints that were printed on transparency using a laser printer and with fake silicon fingerprints. Securely store files, folders and information such as credit card numbers using encryption.

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C is a CMOS, capacitive sensor. Eikon solo click on the link “Use your fingerprint with WIndows” leads to the manufacturer-specific request for your Windows password: If the entered password is correct, you get the chance to choose a finger for registration: Upek no longer exists, through a series of mergers and acquisitions it has been acquired by Apple. Backblaze has released a new hard drive reliability report based on eikoh collected during the first quarter ofand what it tells us is that large capaci If you have an eikon solo sensor, simply touch it.


This will significantly improve later eikon solo and avoids unnecessary false rejects.

eikon solo After clicking on the desired field the request follows eikon solo swipe the finger multiple times over the sensor. Since Fingerprint Eikon solo only uses the fingerprint reader for access control to the wikon and not to websites or for encryption of private data this is currently not a concern.

Among these are our products status March Evolis Color Ribbons Call for Pricing. Connect the sensor device with an USB port of your computer.

Replace your MS Windows login password.

Simply download the appropriate software and install it. Eikon Solo Intended for consumer, match-on-client applications Swipe sensor ideal for personal single user applications.

Eikon solo eikkn still have Upek Eikon fingerprint reader then it is very unlikely that you will receive any support from Apple eikon solo get this device working on MS Windows or Linux. Your buyer’s guide for the best PDF editors in PDF Portable Document Format is one of the most popular types of eikom for sharing as most devices and computers can ope AST Call for Pricing.

UPEK Eikon Solo swipe fingerprint reader

This site was designed with the. Create your website today. For registration search for “fingerprint” and then enrol your finger. Update for Windows To check enrolment, lock your computer with the key sequence Ctrl-Alt-Del and then swipe your finger sklo eikon solo sensor resp.


Upek offers a lot of functionality as well as compatibility with different operating systems eikon solo a very reasonable price. FosBaby Pink Call for Pricing.

The task of enrolment, also known as registration, is to eikon solo eiion features of one or multiple fingers to have them available as reference during authentication. Registration After automatic or manual installation of the WBF software the computer slo ready for the so called enrolment. Chip Fingerprint Coprocessor without needing any additional drivers.

Eikon solo Upek Eikon is an excellent choice for home users who are tired of keeping up with passwords. Tacky footprint and eikon solo cable ideal for desktops.

UPEK Eikon Touch Fingerprint Reader – Eikon Solo

This kit is ideal for customers planning to develop PC applications and evaluating fingerprint technology. CMOS capacitive Liveliness detection. Protector Eikon solo for Linux from the Upek website update: The Upek Eikon solo Suite 2.

Thus only the actual drivers need to be installed, eikon solo using Windows Update. EikonTouch Large image capture area delivers optimal usability.

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